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What is the Video recording Module and how do I use it?

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The Video Recording module is a great way to encourage interaction between participants in a journey. This gives you the power to bring content to life in a powerful and engaging way!

Simply record and submit videos from your mobile or desktop. No need to worry about uploading and downloading! Record - review - send! 📬

Check it out in this handy video here:

(Note, this is not how you embed YouTube/Vimeo videos, you can do that using a Content Module and Video Widget).

Alright... Examples, please!

We’ve seen our Video module shine when asking New Hires to record a quick video to introduce themselves. It could also allow Managers (or even your CEO!) to send a personalized video to your newbie!

Like most things in Enboarder, the possibilities are endless! 🌟

That sounds epic, how do I use it?

Start by clicking the ‘+’ Add Module button on the Sequence where you'd like to add it, and then click on the Video module into the desired sequence. (Note, the Video Module is an add-on. Reach out to your Relationship Manager to add this to your subscription).

You can then populate the page with a title, a divider, some text, a background image, and at the bottom you can add some questions. ✨

For example, if we were sending this out to a new hire we would add questions to guide them at the bottom. We would suggest using one or two questions as the participant will need to record a video for each question.

Note: If you leave a topic blank, by default it will appear as "Introduce Yourself".

Once the New Hire records their video, you can pull their video through with a dynamic token in another Sequence or Module, later on, to share the recording with someone else in that journey!

Note: The video recording widget is an add-on feature and is not included in our base price. Please reach out to your dedicated Relationship Manager to turn on this module.

Got questions? 🧐 Start a chat with the team in the top right of any Enboarder page!

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