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How Does Enboarder Store My Data?
How Does Enboarder Store My Data?

Learn about how we take care of you and your privacy.

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Secure? You bet!

Security while using the internet and cloud-based applications is very topical and rightly so. Things like understanding how data is stored can be accessed and used will be on your mind when considering engagement and the use of an online tool.

Enboarder stores minimal information, with the exception of names, phone numbers, email addresses, and text within your workflow pages. We work with Ernst & Young to ensure that we remain legally compliant - for example under the Privacy Act.

Enboarder is a facilitator rather than a data storage platform and acts as a gateway to your company/personal data held within other platforms and websites.  This is accessed by providing a URL to external sites you use and manage. Examples include:

  • Applicant tracking system

  • Intranet site

  • Company website

  • Typeform or Survey Monkey

  • Google docs

  • CRM

  • Payroll system

Only your colleagues with admin access to your account platform will be able to view or use the content you build in your company's account.  Your managers and employees will only receive information via their email or mobile phone in a read-only format.     

From a technical standpoint, Enboarder is supported by and backed up using Amazon Web Services, with data centers in Australia, the US (Oregon), and Europe (Frankfurt). So no need to worry about offshore IP or data security legislation or practices as everything is managed under Australian law. 

Note: For our global clients - we will be operating locally in the same way, compliant with local legislation, and using Amazon Web Services and their data centers in the US and Europe.

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