What's a printer? 

Setting up a DocuSign integration is fast and easy. You just need a DocuSign account email and password then it's as simple as logging in through Enboarder! 

To do this, first go to Settings > Integration and click the account you'd like to integrate with. The DocuSign Test is only for Developer accounts, otherwise click on DocuSign Live to setup the integration. Note: We also integrate with a few other E-Sign providers too!

When you click either DocuSign tile, you'll click 'Add Integration' before being asked to login. Use the same email address and password that you use when you login to your DocuSign account. 

Once you've logged in, you'll can access your DocuSign templates by adding an E-Sign Module to any Enboarder Sequence.

You'll also need to double check your templates in DocuSign to make sure the recipients and text fields are set up correctly. Each recipient must have a role such as 'Employee' but simply leave the Name and Email fields blank. Enboarder will populate these fields automatically when you map each recipient in the E-Sign Module. If you've added any Text fields to your templates in DocuSign, be sure to enter a Data Label using the panel on the right side of the screen. These text fields can also be pre-populated by Enboarder such as the employee's full name. If you need assistance with this setup, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager! 

This video highlights the DocuSign advanced settings: Bundling multiple DocuSign Templates into a single Envelope: 

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