Enboarder Product Overview

Check us out! Who are we and what do we do?!

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Welcome to the Enboarder fam! 

We are so excited to be a part of your team, and for you to be a part of ours!

So, what exactly does Enboarder do?

A Virtual Coach that guides and assists managers

  • Mobile first, no native applications to download

  • Managers will be notified via email or SMS

  • Frictionless for managers
    -no user name or logins
    -no training required

  • Enboarder handles reminders and escalations when necessary

Enboarder guides new employees through their onboarding journey

  • Delivered via SMS and browser - no native apps to download

  • Simple and intuitive - to be used without training

  • Primary focus of the application is to create a wonderful onboarding experience for the new hire

  • Secondary focus of the application is forms management and task management

Enboarder empowers Human Resources

  • Quick to get up and running

  • Easy to learn

  • Completely customizable

  • You aren’t reliant on IT when you want to make changes

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager there to help you along the way!

Below you'll find a range of videos to introduce you and your team to our wonderful platform!  🎉

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